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Welcome to alpha_icons, a community for talented icon makers, and those who love icons in general. This community is currently under construction, but will be up and running full time in not too long. Please read the rules before requesting to join.

If you plan on joining this community, you will have to have some of your own icons posted in your LJ user pic section, so that the mods can see them when looking over your request. If we can't see your work, you can't join!

You may post your icons directly in this community, or you may link to icons that are in your own journal or community.

No linking to friends/members locked entries.

You may link to a multi-fandom post.

ALL teasers or icons posted directly to this community must relate to Alpha_icons and/or icons. If you have problems with this rule, please visit multicons made specifically for multi-fandom icon posts.

Spamming for other communities is prohibited.

Any community promotions without graphics must have the approval by the MODs or it will be deleted. DO NOT contact a MOD at their personal journal. Your request will be ignored and deleted immediately. Fill out the request form here.

Please don't post anything other than icons in this community. (Wallpapers, headers, and other graphics are permitted, so long as they are posted with a minimum of three icons.)

Use lj-cuts when posting more than 4 icons, large graphics, spoiler icons, or icons containing vulgar language or things that not all people may want to see.

This should go without saying, but only post icons/graphics here that you have made. Do not post stolen graphics here.

If you disable comments, you do so at your own risk. If a moderator is unable to contact you with problems in your post it will be deleted without your notification.

No posting of icons containing offensive material, such as nudity, porn, extreme violence, etc.


Do not hotlink the icons / graphics you take from this community.

Follow the individual rules set by different makers if you take their graphics/icons.

You can post requests, but it is up to the individual maker of whom you have made the request to, to decide whether they will take the request or not.

Can't remember who made your icon and want to credit them? Credit them to alpja_icons.

This is not the place to make requests for screen caps, or for anything non graphic related. This includes quotes, requests for episode downloads, troubleshoot questions regarding your Photoshop/Capping software, or information on the actors. These types of posts will be immediately deleted.

DO NOT delete comments. Do not screen comments. Do not freeze a thread. This is only permitted by a Moderator. If you can't own your words, then don't say anything.

Please do not disable comments to a post you made, even if you are linking to your icon/graphic community. That discourages people to comment.

Any rule violations may lead to your post being removed from the community.
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